sunny kim

Emma has always loved flowers but ever since we spent a day with Hanna from Echo Floral, something sparked in her. She calls herself "floyist" and mentions how much fun she had at the flower market. I never thought that this career day would have so much impact! This definitely gets me so excited to do many more creative career days with her.

Most of our activities are inspired by what she's interested in. One activity leads to another and that’s kind of how I base all our activities at home. If she shows interest in one thing, we build upon that and find ways to explore that idea.

Our next activity came about while we were taking a walk. During our weekly walks, Em would always pick up leaves and flowers on the path. I thought it'd be fun to see her interpret the way she sees a leaf and flower through a painting activity. We brought the leaves home and set them up on the overhead projector (btw, it’s one of the best purchases ever with endless activity ideas you can do with your little one) Before we started painting, we talked about the different colors we saw, felt the textures of each leaf and had the chance to smell them as well. She had a blast painting the flowers and leaves she gathered herself!

Below, you’ll see some of my favorite photos I captured during this activity. Hope you guys enjoy and have a happy Tuesday!