sunny kim

Many of you guys have asked me to do a blog post on some of the activities that I do with Emma. I’ll try my best to post these when I can document them! :)

Not many of you know, but I studied child development in college and was actually a preschool teacher for three years! It comes to no surprise, art activities with Emma gets me really excited!

This first activity was inspired by the artist Bobby Clark. I stumbled upon her work through Instagram and that's where the inspiration hit. Emma works with different mediums during her art activities and water-color is one of her favorite things to do so it was a win win situation.

I started the activity by actually showing her Bobby Clark's art. We talked about the  different colors she used in her art pieces. By showing her this, we were able to decide what colors she wanted to use.

Once she chose the colors she wanted, I gave her water color paper and let her do her thing. After she was finished, we let the paint dry and I cut out the different shapes I saw from her artwork. Lastly, I laid out all the shapes and told her to glue away! It’s so amazing to see how much creativity this little girl has and what she can bring to life with just her imagination!

Check out Bobby Clark's amazing work!