Nature Inspired DIY Sensory Bottles

sunny kimComment

Playing with sensory bottles is a great way to benefit your child's senses as they explore the bottle. It is one of the easiest DIY projects that'll keep your little ones in awe and wonder!

Emma was very excited for this project so she played a huge part in this DIY activity! Em picked out all of the materials during our daily walk, filled the bottles with the elements and water, and closed all the bottles all by herself! She was able to use a lot of her fine motor skills so this activity was great!

What you need:
Supplies to put in the bottles (beads, Pom poms, anything really! Get creative)
Super Glue

+ Learning as they engage their senses
+ Promotes Fine Motor Skills
+ Can provide a calm down effect 


+ Get creative and add anything for your little one to explore!

+ Use super glue to seal the lid so the bottle won't open. I personally didn't do that because I like to change the materials  every once in a while! I just made sure to close the bottle really tight to avoid any spills!