Syringe Painting

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Syringe Painting for toddler

My kids have been sick simultaneously for the past two weeks so we were basically on house arrest to get these little guys back to good health. I had to get really creative to keep my active girl busy so we did a painting activity using a syringe! She absolutely loves sensory activities so I had no doubt that she’d enjoy this!

Syringe Painting for Toddler

^^^ Pure bliss! There's nothing better than seeing her enjoy an activity!

What you need:
+ Paint
+ Paper Roll
+ Syringe(s)
+ Cupcake pan or any container to store paint


+ Color Recognition
+ Promotes Fine Motor Skills

+ Paint will fly EVERYWHERE so dress your child appropriately!

What I would do differently:
+ Do this activity outdoors! Haha!
+ Add more water to dilute the paint so it’s easier for child to suck the paint.